Reader's Corner No. 100: 10 lists of 10 things! Including Tech Pranks, Web Design Trends, Common UI Mistakes, and More!

May 9, 2019

The purpose of our weekly Reader's Corner series is to share newfound knowledge with our readers and to encourage further education inside the office. Which is why for our 100th Reader's Corner edition we are bringing you guys TEN top 10 articles a.k.a 100 new things for you to learn! Whether you're a marketer, a designer, a project manager, or none of the above– it's impossible not to learn something new from these awesome lists!

Top 10 Tech Pranks

Hunter Kenny

Source: Techspot

Takeaway: The only thing that's not awesome about this list is that by sharing this article I now won't be able to use any of these pranks on my coworkers!

Tags: #Technology, #Humor

10 Usability Heuristics for User Interface Design

David Minton

Source: Nielsen Norman Group

Takeaway: Good usability is both universal and timeless. Look no further than Jakob Nielsen’s 10 Usability Heuristics for User Interface Design as prime evidence of this assertion. First published twenty-five years ago, Nielsen’s principles are just as critical in designing usable interactive web and mobile application today, as they were to the pre-Internet computer applications of the time. .

Tags: #Usability

Top 10 Tips for Making Your Website Accessible

Source: Berkeley Web Access

Takeaway: Web accessibility, the practice of ensuring website content available to all people, including those that use assistive technology such as screen readers, has become more widely recognized and requested by website owners and content managers. While creating accessible websites is the right thing to do, even if you are only addressing accessibility do fulfill funding requirements, increase potential customer base, or just a desire to avoid lawsuits, many fail to realize building compliant systems is far more involved than applying a Photoshop filter or installing a WordPress plugin. UC Berkeley’s Web Accessibility team has produced a list of ten tips to get experienced web designers and developers on the right path to building websites that offer a good framework for an accessible user experience.

Top 10 Reasons to Avoid Writing Top 10 Lists

Jay Roberts

Source: Asymmetrical Press: Joshua Fields Millburn

Takeaway: Top 10 lists tend towards clickbait. They might attract views but they often lack the substance that might be found in an article of similar length which does not use that format.

Tags: #Clickbait

10 Common UI Design Mistakes That Are Killing Your Conversion Rate

Stephen Pashby

Source: The Daily Egg

Takeaway: Usability is a factor if how effectively your website converts visitors into clients. This is a great review of common usability issues that can creep in, if you are not focused on providing a usable website.

Tags: #Usability, #Conversions

Top 10 Web Design Trends 2019

Madelyn Yonnetti

Source: Page Cloud

Takeaway: The biggest design trends of 2019

Tags: #Design

Web Development Top 10 Articles for the Past Month (v.May 2019)

Source: Mybridge for Professionals

Takeaway: The best articles to read for better web development.

Tags: #Development

Top 10 Tips for Project Leaders

Michael Nicholson


Takeaway: As part of the top 10 list Reader's Corner, I've found a variety of top 10 lists for Project Managers/Leaders. Here's the top 10 from 1. Be a follower 2. Ask questions 3. Demand collaboration 4. Give all you can... and then give a little more 5. Demonstrate work-life balance 6. Help your team to stretch 7. Keep learning and stretching yourself 8. Hold your team (and yourself) accountable 9. Be honest 10. Be human 4 and 5 are not my favorite right next to each other, and I'm somewhat philosophically opposed to 4, but other than that it seems pretty accurate...

Tags: #ProjectManagement

10 Steps For Successful Project Management

Source: Streamtime

Takeaway: to continue the project management top 10 theme, here's another great list from the blog: 1. Make sure you walk the talk 2. Failing to plan is planning to fail 3. Be flexible 4. Expect 'We Needed it Yesterday' attitude 5. Keep management minimal 6. Get loopy for feedback 7. Work like you have a walkie-talkie 8. Take inspiration from an assembly line 9. Think Project Triangle 10. Stay equipped This list seems pretty spot on to me, and I like the humor included in it.

Tags: #ProjectManagement

My Own Personal Top 10 List

Source: My Own Mind

Takeaway: From reading over a few Project Management top 10 lists, and thinking about my time here at DesignHammer, I have my own top 10 list as well: 1. Make a plan 2. Believe in the plan, and advocate for the plan 3. Know the plan will change, and manage that change 4. You can't over-communicate with the client; at least, not until they tell you that you are 5. Be honest and straight forward; it's easier to keep track of, if nothing else 6. Trust your team to do their best 7. Trust your clients; they want a successful project, too 8. Help your client; if they knew how to make the project succeed, they wouldn't need you. You'll have to manage them, too. 9. Don't overpromise; you're managing the project, not an omnipotent force with infinite time. You're definitely better off telling the client early on that they can't have a thing and then being able to work it in rather than promising it and having schedule or budget overruns take it away. 10. Set boundaries for the project AND yourself. Even if this IS the only project you'll ever work on (not likely), don't burn yourself, your team, or your client out over it. There will be more to do later, after all....

Tags: #ProjectManagement

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